He Said She Said... What's the Deal with NSAIDs?

Author: Jeffrey Fudin

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are ubiquitously utilized for a variety of reasons including analgesia by consumers who may purchase them over-the-counter or obtain them by prescription. Despite their routine use, they can sometimes be a dangerous analgesic selection with extended use and in general may be routinely misunderstood, as their place in therapy continues to be questioned by clinicians who struggle to reconcile controversy resulting from recent studies with an avalanche of negative press over the past couple of decades.1 Almost every analysis or review article published on NSAIDs in the past 20 years has highlighted their significant adverse effect profile. Therefore, in order to provide safe and effective treatment for patients with chronic pain, clinicians need to familiarize themselves with the history of NSAIDs, maximize balancing their risks and benefits in treatment paradigms.


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