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Promotional Opportunities

Increase Your Attendee Face Time with Promotional PDM Space Time!

PAINWeek is an unparalleled opportunity for presentation of your product, program, or platform. 2100+ clinicians who treat and manage pain are expected to attend to PAINWeek 2015.

Exhibitors who sponsor PDM programs have experienced a significant increase in their booth traffic and attendee engagement levels.

Clinicians who are exposed to your company's product or services in a 1-hour informational program are receptive to, and interested in, follow-up discussions that are relevant to their practice needs. Just as with the exhibit hall, there are a finite amount of slots available for your sponsored program.

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Please note that programs can be presented in a plenary, poster, or panel discussion format. Various multimedia may be utilized (slides, video, posters, and Web).

For more information on sponsored programs, please contact Redza Dempster at (973) 415-5110 or vie email at