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2017 Date Image PAINWeek is a conference that has a rare blend
of so many different aspects of pain management
and practitioners—primary care physicians, specialists,
nurse practitioners, nonphysicians, you name it—
associated with managing patient care.”
-Charles E. Argoff MD, CPE

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Naloxone Distribution and Training Initiative Credited with Saving Opioid Abuse Victims

Confirmation of the effectiveness of naloxone availability in forestalling opioid overdose deaths, a crowdfunded study at University of Alabama, Birmingham reports successfully preventing nine fatalities among its study population. Karen Cropsey, PhD, associate professor in the UAB Department of Psychiatry, commented, "That's nine lives saved, and nine people who...

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Groundbreaking Findings for Better Crohn's Disease Treatment

In what are described as groundbreaking findings, a research team led by members from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine has identified new factors associated with the development of Crohn's disease. The discoveries could enable...

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Prevention of ACL Injury?

Results of research conducted at Johns Hopkins Medicine suggest that testosterone levels may play a role in the incidence of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury to the knee. In a study on rats, the researchers found that male rats with normal testosterone levels had stronger ACLs than did castrated rats who no longer produced the hormone. The findings may explain why women...

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Medical Marijuana in the UK? Not Happening Fast Enough for Those in Pain

In the United Kingdom, some members of parliament, calling themselves The All Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform, want legalized access to medical marijuana, calling it a matter of "compassion and human rights." Citing the evidence that cannabis can help relieve chronic pain, anxiety, and...

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Two Biomarkers Identified That Contribute to Spine Osteoarthritis

Researchers from the Krembil Research Institute at Toronto Western Hospital report the identification of 2 tissue biomarkers that...

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Senescent Cells and OA Therapy: Research on Mice Finds Evidence of a Causal Link

Mayo Clinic researchers report the discovery of a causal link between senescent cells and osteoarthritis in a recent study of mice. Previous research had noted an association between the presence of senescent cells that accumulate with age and contribute to...

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