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  • Women’s Musculoskeletal Pain Conditions

    An examination of the prominent musculoskeletal pain conditions in women through different stages of life, including some strategies for treatment.

  • Palliative Care for Cancer Patients

    This segment discusses the major pain conditions that affect patients with cancer, and that can be positively managed with a personalized approach to palliative care.

  • Chronic Pain and Affective Disorders

    A discussion of the impact of mood and anxiety disorders on recovery from pain conditions. Dr. Datz describes the neurochemical changes that occur, the effect of sex difference, and outlines some options for treatment.

  • Managing Pain in a World without Opioids

    What would the world be like without opioids? Dr. Clark hypothesizes on the implications for patients with pain, and on what the characteristics of a “better” opioid might include.


David M. Glick, DC, DAAPM, CPE


Some observations on pain mechanisms, diagnostic testing and back pain that underlie an effective clinical approach to management and treatment.

  • PainWeek

    National Conference

    PAINWeek is the largest US pain conference for frontline practitioners with an interest in pain management. Convening at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for its 9th year on September 8-12, we expect to welcome 2000+ physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals...

    september 8 - 12 2015

    The cosmopolitan of las vegas
    120+ CME/CE
    credits offered