PAINWeekEnd 2018 Slides


Pain Pathophysiology Unraveled
What's All the "GABA" About? Pregabalin and Gabapentin Abuse
The Other Opioid Crisis: Fentanyl and Heroin
Pain Diagnostics: Clinical Pearls to Improve Common Tests for Pain
Not for Human Consumption: New Drugs of Abuse and Their Detection
The Regulatory Agency Will See You Now
Chronic Pain Assessment
Nonopioid Analgesics: Antidepressants, Adjuvant Therapies, and Muscle Relaxants
Evidence-Based Approaches to Chronic Pain Management: Time to Reconsider the Benefit of Technophilism?
When Acute Pain Becomes Chronic
Rational Polypharmacy
Reefer Madness: Taking the Insanity Out of Medical Cannabinoids


Falling Down the Rabbit Hole: A Primer for Chronic Pain Management and Substance Abuse Disorders
3's Company: COX-2 Inhibitors, Medicinal Marijuana, and Opioid Prescribing
Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Migraine Headaches
The Gentle Art of Saying No: How to Establish Appropriate Boundaries With Chronic Pain Patients
The 411 on Nonprescription Analgesics: When to Hold 'Em, When to Fold 'Em
Peripheral Neuropathies
A Comedy of Errors: Methadone and Buprenorphine
Get Your Specimens in Order: The Importance of Individualized Test Orders and Timely Test Utilization
Ain't Misbehavin': Decreasing and Managing Pain Patient Aberrant Behavior
Trainwreck: Addressing Complex Pharmacotherapy With the Inherited Pain Patient
The Five Coping Skills That Every Patient Needs
Embrace Changes and Prevent Overdose: A Basic Blueprint for Legal Risk Mitigation and Response


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