Back Pain: Device Encourages Patient Participation via “Gamified” Physical Therapy

Swiss-based medical technology company Hocoma has introduced a new wearable device for the management and control of chronic lower back pain. The Valedo is a pair of sensors that attach to the user’s skin using medical grade double-sided tape: 1 at the small of the back, 1 on the upper chest. The 2 sensors connect to the Valedo app on an iOS device via Bluetooth 4.0 that provide the wearer with up to 45 different exercise routines designed to emulate those that would be performed in physical therapy for back pain relief.

Valedo has been FDA approved for use in the US and is also available in several European countries. The device presently retails for $359. The gamified exercise approach is designed to encourage patient compliance with therapy, to maximize recovery from pain and strengthen the back to forestall to onset of additional pain events.

Read more about the device in these 2 news stories, covering the product introduction earlier this month at 2015 International CES in Las Vegas, here, and a user review published this week in the technology newsletter re/code, here.

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