Satellite Program AV & Food and Beverage Order Form

All satellite event organizers will order food and beverage using the F&B and AV Request Form. All orders must be placed by August 15, 2015. PAINWeek will place your food order should you fail to meet this deadline. A reminder, all F&B minimums must be paid to payment no later than July 31, 2015.

Event Details

(As you would like it to be posted in the program book)

Onsite Logistics Contact

F&B and AV Requirements

Lunch Menu Options: (400 guests)*

Below are the recommended lunch menu options. Please note that custom menus and enhancements are available which may have require additional fees. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE RECOMMENDED MENU DETAILS

Special Meal Selections

Please list any special meal requirements and number of each. PAINWeek recommends at least 5 of each.

Special Instructions

Please list any special instructions:

Included AV

All industry supported programs will be provided with the following AV:

  • Stage riser and stairs
  • Pipe and drape
  • Podium
  • Projector screen(s)
  • LCD projectors ? (2) 4500 lumen for larger rooms or (1) 2000 lumen for smaller rooms
  • Laptop computer
  • Speaker timer
  • Wireless cuing remote
  • 3 Lavaliere microphone
  • 2 Handheld microphone
  • Speaker confidence monitor
  • Stage wash lighting
  • A/V table
  • Registration table, 2 chairs, wastebasket, and 4 easels
  • 1 Technician for the duration of your program and 1 hour prior for slide review, speaker sound check, and set-up

Additional AV Requests*

Please indicate interested in any additional AV equipment beyond the listed item above. (additional charges may apply- you will be contacted for order specifics)

Video and Audio Recording Policy

Audio and/or video recording is strictly limited to your satellite event and to your satellite event meeting room during your designated time slot. No other recordings are allowed without prior permission from PAINWeek.

Additional Lighting/Electrical Requests (if any)*

Will you need any special lighting or additional electricity to execute your program?

Temporary Staffing Request*

Would you like to have local hourly staff to help with setup or the registration process for our symposium?

Additonal Registration Desk Requests

Included and placed outside meeting room: 6’ skirted registration table, 2 chairs, wastebasket, and 4 easels. Please indicate other requirements, furniture, etc. Please let us know if you would like additional items at your registration desk.


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