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PDM Programs

Product, Disease Awareness, and Medical Information Programs

Get your brand in front of the PAINWeek audience. A PAINWeek PDM Program (Product, Disease awareness, and Medical information) is the perfect format for your independent, non-certified program.

Included with the program fee:

  • Meeting and banquet space
  • Preregistration mailing list in Excel available the first week of August for one-time use
  • Your program description on
  • Program description in the PAINWeek onsite program book
  • Full AV package (see below for complete details)

Application Deadline: May 1, 2016

PDM Programs

Seating Set-up

Available Time Slots &
Program Costs

(exact time slots will be
determined by May)

Program Length

Set Banquet Style (full rounds). Due to room size restrictions, crescent rounds are not available.

Dual screen projectors on either side of the stage and podium.

Breakfast (8:10a - 9:10a)

$65,000--Includes $50,000 program fee, plus $15,000 food and beverage minimum

Seating is set for 300 attendees

Lunch (12:30p - 1:30p)

$85,000--Includes $60,000 program fee, plus $25,000 food and beverage minimum

Seating is set for 400 attendees

Dinner (7:00p - 8:30p)

$105,000--Includes $60,000 program fee, plus $45,000 food and beverage minimum

Seating is set for 300 attendees

Please note: Dinner timeslots are only available Thursday, September 10 and Friday, September 11


Planners will be permitted in the room for set-up 90 minutes prior to the official start time

Onsite Registration

Registration may begin no earlier than 30 minutes prior to official start time.

Maximum Program Lengths

Breakfast: 60 minutes
Lunch: 60 minutes
Dinner: 90 minutes


Planners must vacate the room 30 minutes after the official end time

Onsite Office

If your team requires an office, the daily rental rate is $2,000 and does not include AV, food, or beverage.

Pipe and Drape

Stage riser and Stairs

Front Screen Projection 9' x 12' LCD projector and stand podium with handheld microphone and stand

2 Wireless lavaliere microphones

Sound kit with 6-8 channel mixer

1 Slide advancer

1 Laser pointer

1 Slide show laptop

1 AV Tech

Please note: AV technician is provided for 60 minutes before the program and throughout the entire program to work with included AV. Should you need additional AV you will be required to provide an additional tech.

This year PAINWeek is offering an enhancement to sponsors of Saturday PDM programs. As the exhibit hall closes on Friday, PAINWeek will provide a complimentary 1,000 square foot "Information Exchange" area within the conference center for sponsors and program attendees to connect following the breakfast and lunch PDM programs.


Please indicate your preferred slot time/date on your application. While we will do our best to accommodate your request, we cannot guarantee the slot you requested will available. Programs will be assigned to slots on a first-come, first-served basis. A maximum of two (2) programs are permitted per time slot. If you wish to have your program run unopposed, you may purchase the opposing slot at its normal fee, not including the F&B minimum. PAINWeek reserves the right to deny your choice of date and time slot if, after reviewing your application, we determine that there are too many competing aspects of your program with a program already assigned to that slot; eg, topic area, competing products, speakers, etc. Additionally, when planning content, speakers, artwork, etc, please keep in mind there likely will be a competing program, and it is important to ensure your event's program and materials are as compelling as possible.

Awareness = Attendance

Make sure PAINWeek attendees know about your program. For an additional $5,000, PDM Programs will receive all 3 offerings below:

  1. Full-page color ad in the onsite Program Guide
  2. Room drop (with choice of day)
  3. Tote bag insert

Please note: The sponsor is responsible for production and shipment of all promotional items.

PDM Encore Presentation at PAINWeek

PAINWeek is expected to welcome over 2000 attendees. Reach other clinicians who may not have been able to attend your PDM by offering an encore presentation during the conference. Provided it is the same content/presentation and topic already approved, there is only a $25,000 program/association fee (does not include food and beverage minimums).

PDM Encore Presentation at PAINWeekEnd

Extend the life of your program and reach other practitioners who may not attend the PAINWeek National Conference.

Repeat your program at one or multiple PAINWeekEn(TM) Regional Conferences and receive a 15% discount off the PAINWeekEnd event fee. PAINWeekEnd Regional Conferences are expected to reach over 50-100 healthcare professionals at each meeting.

Application Process

Please click here to download the application. The application deadline is May 1, 2016.

Once your application has been approved, you will be notified via email with a date and time slot based on your indicated preferences. You may accept and confirm that date/time slot by sending full payment within 10 business days. Or, you may hold your date/time slot for 30 business days, but not past June 30, 2016, by sending a nonrefundable deposit of $10,000. If payment of program is not received as per this schedule, PAINWeek reserves the right to release your time slot and reassign you to a slot based on availability. Sponsors are still liable for all outstanding program/association fees.

Food and Beverage Minimums

Each program comes with a specified food and beverage minimum. These fees are payable to PAINWeek and will be credited to your hotel catering account. Failure to pay these fees by July 31, 2016, may result in your program cancellation and forfeiture of any fees already paid. Sponsors are responsible for all additional food and beverage fees.


Please allow up to 2 weeks from submission of application for notification of acceptance. If an application is incomplete, we may ask for additional information, which may delay the process.

For additional information on PDM Programs, please contact Redza Dempster at (973) 415-5110 or

PDM satellite event sponsoring entity is responsible for Sunshine Act Reporting.